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 London Borough of Culture 2020

Brent won the London Borough of Culture bid in 2018. This bid allowed Brent to invest in building and supporting Arts and Culture for its local community, putting young people at the heart of its programme. Since 2017, Jessica has been working very closely with Brent in managing their creative projects, being an active Blueprint Collective Member, a trustee for Metroland Culture and performing spoken word such as the Borough’s winning video: This is Brent.

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Purple Moon Drama’s Digital Youth Board

Role: Chair 

The Digital Youth Board make strategic decisions about the programmes and projects delivered by Purple Moon Drama. As a team we help to set project outcomes, evaluate work and are often booked to support with producing or creative roles.


An artist development festival that platforms Black British Theatre makers.

 Tiata Delights at Watford Palace Theatre, 2019

Role: Assistant Producer to Natalie Ibu

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